Roco Rescue

Tactical Division


Please note that Roco only provides tactical training for the DoD and other gov. agencies at this time. Call 800-647-7626 for details.

Tactical Equipment

For tactical kits customized for your mission call 800-647-7626

Mission Driven Experience

The U.S. military has one of the hardest and most demanding jobs in the world. At Roco, we understand those challenges. Our tactical training and equipment offerings are tailored to the needs of DoD small team operations. 

We analyze current SOF missions and use the intel to develop realistic, mission-specific training programs. This hands-on approach is essential for selecting and developing equipment combinations, or “tactical kits,” best suited for SOF rescue operations. Roco tactical assets deliver a depth of experience, expertise and creative energy to DoD customers in all branches of the military. For those challenged with defending freedom and saving lives in theatres across the globe, Roco is the right choice.

Proven Process

As our tactical program evolved, a succinct process for training and equipment evaluation was initiated. We call it the Roco Tactical Cycle, and continue to use this process and the three steps to maintain a relevant and mission-current program.

(1) Incident Analysis – analyzing lessons learned

(2) Focused Training – incorporating real-world scenarios

(3) Operational Kits – integrating equipment solutions

As an ongoing cycle of improvement, Roco is continually analyzing, developing and customizing our training and equipment packages – all based on the needs of the operator and the mission. We don’t make your job easy; just a little easier.